Cooking up Recipes

Cooking up Recipes: "In todayĆ¢€™s world where calorie-packed food comes fast and easy. It is very easy to forget about eating right and watching your weight here are a few ideas that might help:"

Sept 15, 2008

Well all done with chemo now. So just go every three months to get my blood checked. Now I just have to stop smoking.

June 25, 2008

Well went to the doctor today and have to have one more C T scan and if it comes back ok I am done with chemo. I am so happy. Now I just have to make sure I take care of my self so that it dose not come back.

June 2, 2008

Well started chemo again this week and no more got home and they called and no more chemo this week, that is great. My white blood count is 2.4 and it is to low so they stopped chemo for now.


Well all done with second dose of chemo and still 2 more to go. This last week was a little harder was so tired by Friday could not go to work. Still having a hard time with the smoking thing. Sometimes it is just hard dealing with Jacob, and my dad and working gets a little hard.I have to go to the doctors today so should find out more then. My last blood work they told me my white blood count was low and they seem worried about that, I thought getting it low was what I was trying to do. So when I see the doctor today going to find out.

May 7, 2008

Well this is my second week of chemo and I have one day left this week, going to work after chemo this week, so it was a very long day today. Today was the first day I really felt sick and I am so tired tonight. Sometimes I think that maybe feeling sick means that I might lose my hair. well I have to go to bed really tired.

May 7, 2008