Leukemia Day 7

Well worked today and found out when you do not smoke you have nothing to do on your break. lol Was surprised to find that it was that important to me. Did not yell at anyone yet but still want a cigarette. I have been reading so much more lately about cancer found an this and wanted to share it.

Would it surprise you to know that every person has some amount of
cancerous cells in his or her body? It only makes sense,
for people are regularly being exposed to negative assaults from
physical surroundings, aside from the stress of modern-day life
and the degenerative processes --*• introduced by the typical American diet.
Fortunately, our Creator has given us a built-in, fully integrated defense system,
designed to protect and keep us in peak performance. However, if this God-given
system becomes weak or dysfunctional, our bodies become vulnerable to takeover
by mutant cells—otherwise known as cancer

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